Parents Press Play & Friends 183: X Stands for No Exclusives


Hello and welcome to Parents Press Play & Friends where we talk about unique and interesting topics across gaming, entertainment, and technology for people of all ages. This week, in Episode 183: X Stands for No Exclusives, we are joined by 1 Dad, 1 Mom, & 1 Friend.

I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter, and joining me this week is "Plan C" Christina Voican, @brazenbell on Twitter, & "Mr. Xbox" Josh Gilmore, @sil3ntv3lcro on Twitter.


On the show, we talk about: Xbox One Discontinued, Xbox One X Sales, Crackdown 3 Delayed, Nintendo Niindies Showcase, Fire Emblem Warriors, Street Fighter 2 Special Re-Release, VR Price Drops, Darkwood on Piratebay, Nintendo Switch Production to increase, Holiday Games You are Looking Forward To, Secret of Mana Remake, Final Fantasy XV to PC, More on QuakeCon, QuickShot Grips, Destiny 2 PC Beta, & Apple Announcements Coming September 12.

Destiny 2 Get Caught up on Lore

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