Parents Press Play Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of Parents Press Play. We are still without Dan as he remains overseas on vacation with his family. However, the dynamic duo of Kaleb and Michael are still here to talk about What we Playing, Tech we are Playing on, What we Should be Watching, The latest News, our What the Heck!?!? segment, & we end with The Band of the Week.

First up this week, Kaleb talks about Sid Meier's Civilization V Brave New World expansion.

Next, the team of Michael and Kaleb discuss Netflix making Emmy history with the nominations for House of Cards and Arrested Development.

Michael then tells us about the new reboot of the Strider franchise coming in early 2014. We have the announcement trailer and gameplay trailer below:

Kaleb tries to scare Michael and our audience with talk about the new attraction, at Universal Studios Japan, Biohazard - The Real!

Michael talks about spying on his kids and neighbors with the FOSCAM security camera. (The price has jumped up in price since we talked about it on the podcast.) You can learn more about the FOSCAM from the Amazon product page.

Michael and Kaleb next talk about how the new plans from AT&T and Verizon are really not as good as they first appear.

In our What the Heck!?!? segment, Kaleb tells us about the online petition to bring back all of the Digital Rights Management, known as DRM, back to the Xbox One.

Our Band of the Week is Armcannon and we play Star Wreck (Star Trek + Star Wars) off of their LegVacuum 2 album. You  can learn more about Armcannon from their web page.

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

By Kaleb Rutherford