Parents Press Play 69: Trailers Trailers Trailers!

Welcome to Episode 69 of Parents Press Play. This week, in Trailers Trailers Trailers!, we have two Dads together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, and Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, talk about a ton of game trailers such as: Uncharted 4, Mario Maker, Wii U, Legend of Zelda, King's Quest, No Man's Sky, Witcher 3, Metal Gear Online, and The Game Awards.

First up, here are all the trailers and gameplay videos we talked about on the show:

Finally, we talk about The Game Awards and what our personal game of the year is. 

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!