Parents Press Play 31: It's Only 5 Bucks

Welcome to Episode 30 of Parents Press Play. This week, It's Only 5 Bucks, we have all three Dads together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, and Daniel, @ppmddad on Twitter talk about Styx: Master Of Shadows, Paper Sorcerer, Diablo 3 Pricing, QuakeCon 2014 Dated, PlayStation Now, and we end with our What the Heck!?!?

Dan tells us about the upcoming Styx: Master Of Shadows and how you will get to play as a stealthy Goblin!

Paper Sorcerer looks like an interesting turn based RPG and hey, it's only five bucks.

Diablo 3 pricing is a bit out of control.

We tell you why.

QuakeCon 2014 gets dated for a half a month earlier this year.

PlayStation Now update with beta invites going out

We end with our What the Heck!?!? and the True Love Bra.

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

By Kaleb Rutherford